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My Lynch ancestors from Ireland came to America in 1848. The group included my Grandfather James Lynch and his five siblings, ages 10 to 18, who sailed without their parents to New York City. Soon they were living in a tenement house in Massachusetts working in a textile mill. From there they gradually migrated west. This blog will contain information gathered by my mother, Hazel Lynch Skonberg from her father, giving details of the trip over and life in America. There is also a diary written by his son, Will Lynch, who was with the American Consular Service of the State Department, and was taken hostage on Dec. 8, 1941, by the Japanese Army who had captured Shanghai that day. I hope you enjoy this blog about the James Lynch family in America.
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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Civil War Letter Page 2

     It will not take you long to run over the list.  You will see that there is not one left of Company B.  I can't realize that out of 1,000 boys, only 83 are left.  
     I have not been to Illinois for over two years.  John Waldie and High Cox are the only ones left of boys in Oregon (Illinois).  John is the same Waldie as of old and can "holler" Lighthizes and Freeby Jane as of old.  High Cox is living in Oregon but is badly crippled up by rheumatism. Kanodle I see is still living.  I have never seen him but once since we disbanded.  Prescott and Nie Burroughs are the only one of the Lynville (ILL) boys left there, and are living in Rockford, Ill.
     Charlie Wade is living in Rochell yet, as I see by the list.  I saw him two years ago.  He was looking fine and had not shown his age much at that time.  The only change I could see was that he had grown fleshy and was lots heavier than he used to be.  He inquired about you, but I could not give him any information.
     Aunt Rosannah Hubbard and (can't read) Hubbard are still alive and are living at Rockford.
     I have not been in Lynville for 30 years.  There is none of the old settlers left, a few of their children are left there yet.  Cash and Frank Perry and John Chishier are living there yet,  Rob Chestnut is dead.
     Now as to myself, everyone says that I am the youngest old man in the country.  I can do a fair day's work yet if necessary.  I have always been blessed with good health.  Married a girl living near Johnstown (?) in 1870, and no one was ever blessed with a better wife.  It will be three years next month since she died.  We had two children--both girls, and they are both at home with me now.  
     I have never got very rich although we have enough so that I am not worrying about going to the Poor House.  We have a good farm 1 1/2 miles of a smart R.R. town.  We moved off of it two years ago and moved into this town, but if I was 20 years younger, you would not find me living in town.

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