Introduction to Lynch Clan

My Lynch ancestors from Ireland came to America in 1848. The group included my Grandfather James Lynch and his five siblings, ages 10 to 18, who sailed without their parents to New York City. Soon they were living in a tenement house in Massachusetts working in a textile mill. From there they gradually migrated west. This blog will contain information gathered by my mother, Hazel Lynch Skonberg from her father, giving details of the trip over and life in America. There is also a diary written by his son, Will Lynch, who was with the American Consular Service of the State Department, and was taken hostage on Dec. 8, 1941, by the Japanese Army who had captured Shanghai that day. I hope you enjoy this blog about the James Lynch family in America.
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Friday, October 28, 2011

WR Lynch WW II Diary re Japanese Take-Over in Shanghai China. Days 52 and 53

Will Lynch hears reports of Japanese ships being sunk.  Will move to another hotel.   It seems boredom brought with it lots of drinking.  Roselyn

January 28, 1942.  Wednesday.  52nd Day in the Jug.
     Sunny and warmer.  Rumor hath it, via short wave, that Allied subs have sunk 27 Japanese transports in Nakassar Straits, but tonight's local broadcast, via FFZ, the French station, made no mention of it, but asserted Japanese were "advancing on all fronts according to plan".
     Beat Brookhart 3-2 at Rummy.  He got so tight on his new blend that he could not finish the last game, but the score stood 50-180 in my favor. 
     His new blend is a mixture of vodka and Cherry Brandy.  He praises it as a good drink, much cheaper than whiskey.  It, I opine, would be good varnish, or possibly a disinfectant, providing it did not destroy the users' intestinal linings. 
     I left him sitting in my room and went down to dinner at 8:45 p.m.  When I returned at 9:10, he had gone.  JBS won a game 370-265.

January 29, 1942.  Thursday.   53rd Day.
     We are definitely to move to Cathy Mansions on Saturday, January 31, 1942.  I get room 903.
     Nice weather.  AM called.   Gave Chinese $100 as a loan.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

WR Lynch WW II Diary re Japanese Take-Over in Shanghai China. Days 50 and 51

Will Lynch sells his binoculars to get a little extra money.  His account was frozen when the banks were taken over by the Japanese.  Roselyn

January 26, 1942.  Monday.  50th Day.
     At 5:00 p.m., asked for a pass for tomorrow but Stanton said:  "Sorry, no can.  Must submit requests by 4:00 p.m.  New ruling."  I asked then for pass for Wednesday.  Phoned Langley re sale of binoculars.  He said the Chinaman would offer but Chinese $300.  I accepted.  I paid Chinese $70.00, or about US $21.00 in 1936.  Chinese $300.00 equals about US $16/17.00.  Besides, I can now use the money.

January 27, 1942.  Tuesday.   51st Day
     9:00 a.m.  Still abed.   (???) banged on the door to get  Chinese $15.00 as my share of cumshaw (tip?) for dining room boys for January, the last here.
     About 11:00 a.m., Collins came with a notice re obtaining passes in future.  Must apply day before, and give name, destination, purpose, time desired as 12-6, and whether alone or with another.  Seems it's the gendarmes bright ideas.
     Sunny and warm today.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

WR Lynch WW II Diary re Japanese Take-Over in Shanghai China. Days 48 and 49

Two more days in "captivity" for Will Lynch in Metropole Hotel in Shanghai as a diplomatic prisoner of the Japanese Army, waiting for exchange he hopes will come.   I never did learn who A.M. was--perhaps a lady friend who had "ambitions" about this confirmed bachelor.  Roselyn

January 24,  1942.  Saturday.   48th Day.
     Rainy.  Had "shore leave".  A.M. and I saw a movie, "That Uncertain Feeling" at Nanking Theatre.  A bit "screwy" but good entertainment and plenty comedy. AM.'s getting to be a bit of a nuisance, sort of ambitious.  Then had Chinese chow at Sun Ya's.  Not too good.
     Then called on Captain Tornroth.  He's on the mend after a close call---heart attack, a la bacillary dysentery.  
     Beat JBS at Rummy.  Then Brookhart beat me 3-0.

January 25, 1942.  Sunday.  49th Day. 
     Just another day.  Walked half hour on verandah of 7th floor with Hinke and Drumright.
     A.M. called in p.m. and I won a game of Rummy.  Also did an hour of another game.
     Mrs. Van Hengel and Miss L. Johnson of Y.M.C.A. called to see JBS but he had no leave on a pass.
     Some of the Japanese guards very noisy at midnight--apparently celebrating some victory.

Monday, October 24, 2011

WR Lynch WW II Diary re Japanese Take-Over in Shanghai China. Day 47

A man, claiming to be an American sailor, just out of jail, comes to Will Lynch to ask for help to get in a soup line.  It seems strange that the Japanese let him in.  Roselyn

January 23, 1942.  Friday.  47th Day.
     Nice day.  
     About 10:45, got two raps on the door.  And---darned if it wasn't a fellow who said his name was Vogler, claimed he was an American citizen sailor, just out of Ward Road Jail, after a year for smuggling.  He wanted me to give him a letter to American Relief Com. as identification, so he could get into the soup line.  
     Vogler claims his birth is in San Francisco, but has a definite German Hamburg accent.  He, as per usual, had no papers, except a statement on jail paper, that he had been released from jail  on ?? ?? 1942.  I did not get the date.  As I don't recall the man, I could do nothing.
     Broadcast tonight says some 1200 American war prisoners, ex Wake Island, are to be paraded through Shanghai streets tomorrow.
     Beat Mr. Grove at Cribbage 3-2, last game by a "skunk".  Rummy with JBS--1-1, and he left for bed at 9"40 p.m.

Friday, October 21, 2011

WR Lynch WW II Diary re Japanese Take-Over in Shanghai China. Days 45 and 46

Will Lynch gets a pass, buys his new luggage and is moved to another room in the hotel where he is being kept.   Roselyn

January 21, 1942.  Wednesday.   45th Day.
     Warmer.  Overcast.  Walked about 5 miles and am weary.
     Bought the trunk for Chinese $170.00 or about US $10.00.  Appears to be a proper "Indestructo".  Got two new dry cells for my flash light for Chinese $5.70--about US $0.30.  Got back my glasses, repaired.
     Walked out to French Town with Mr. Magill.  He produced a libation.  Got back by 5:15 p.m.  Plenty tired.
     Beat Mr. Groves 3-1 at Cribbage.  After dinner beat JBS at Rummy.  Went 13 innings, and 1 1/2 hours.
     Radio from FFZ, the French local station, did much of CARMEN.  Very good.
     Moved from room 312 to 316, a smaller room, but am still solo, thanks.
     No news yet re repatriation.  I'm ready any time.

January 22, 1942.  Thursday.  46th Day.
     Just another day.  Oh, no, I worked in the morning.  Both shroffs Lin and Chen came and we separated november, 1941 accounts.  Lin has still to type forms 333 and 334, and the attendance report and assignment of quarters for November.
      One Japanese Consular minor stated we are to move to Cathay Mansions on Friday, January 29, 1942.  Seems true, as Stantor at dinner showed me a floor plan, and offered me a choice of one of two rooms.
     Played Rummy with Br.  He got tight on Vodka and didn't leave until after midnight.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

WR Lynch WW II Diary re Japanese Take-Over in Shanghai China. Days 43 and 44.

Two more days in captivity for Will lynch.  Is ready for repatriation, he says.  The "Indestructo" must be a sturdy piece of luggage.   Roselyn

January 19, 1942.  Monday.  43rd Day.
     Rather drab today.  Not even rumors to enliven things.  Delivered my old trunk to Mr. Daley.  Said he'd pay me the Chinese $75.00 tomorrow.  
     I had hoped to get a pass for tomorrow to see about buying the "Indestructo" but Berger has something in mind about the November accounts.

January 20,  1942.  Tuesday.  44th Day.
     Warmer, overcast.  We got the November to December accounts from the office.
     Mr. Daley paid me Chinese $75.00 for my old trunk.  Hope I can get the "indestructo" on Peking Road.  Will see tomorrow.
     Beat Mr. Groves 3-2 at Cribbage and JBS 2-0 at Rummy.
     Our war news is "lousy", via Domer, Havas and occasionally, Reuter.  Very little from U.S.A. and it is highly "off color".
     I have a bit of a cold in the head.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

WR Lynch WW II Diary re Japanese Take-Over in Shanghai China. Days 41 and 42

Will Lynch is trying to get the right luggage for if and when he moves.   He has to pay for his meals while being held diplomatic prisoner.  Roselyn

January 17, 1942.  Saturday.   41st Day.
     Cold and clear.  Out from 12:00 til 3:00 p.m.   Left glasses at National Optical Co. to fix left arm.  Will get it next Tuesday, 20th.
     Saw "Dark Command" at Roxy.  It is a "hoss opera" re Quantrell during early Kansas.  Not so good.
     Then ate too much Chinese chow at Sun Ya.  Coldest weather so far this winter.

January 18, 1942.  Sunday.  42nd Day.
     Still here at Metropole.  
     Breakfast--Chinese $10.00.   Lunch and dinner--Chinese $18.00 each.  I could get by on half the sum at several "beaneries" and get better food.  We get margarine now for butter.  
     Won again at Rummy.  Sold my old wardrobe trunk for Chinese $75.00 to Mr. Daley.  It cost me US $15.00 on August 18, 1931, in New York.  I saw an "Indestructo" on Peking Rd. at about Chinese $125 or $150.  Or I can get a canvas duffel bag.

Monday, October 17, 2011

WR Lynch WW II Diary re Japanese Take-Over in Shanghai China. Days 39 and 40..

Will Lynch writes that the room is colder each day as fuel becomes more scarce.   Plays games with anyone who will play.  I imagine that by this time there were those who would not play!  When he came home after the war, he would talk my sister, Joan, then about 10 or 11, to play Chinese checkers with him.  He always cheated and she ignored it but finally refused to play any more.  He pouted and had a long face, until he promised not to cheat any more.  Joan will have to comment if that is not the correct story!  Roselyn

January 15, 1942.   Thursday.   39th Day.
     Beat Mr. JBS badly at Checkers.  In p.m., beat Mr. Groves  3--1 at Cribbage and got 3rd game of Rummy from JBS.
     A. M. called.  Getting to be a bit of a problem. Coal is apparently scarce, or likely too costly, as in my room I wear my overcoat nearly all day.
     If we can get by February, we'll be 'over the hump" of winter--I hope.
     No more talk re repatriation.  What's matter?

January 16, 1942.  Friday.   40th Day. 
     Colder.  In afternoon, donned my Chinese $16.00 long undies.  Quite a help.  
     Beat JBS badly at checkers.  Mr.  Groves won--series of a Cribbage, one a "skunk" but I "skunked" him one, so my escutcheon ain't too badly besmirched.     Beat Hinke 2--1.  Then after dinner beat JBS at Rummy.
     Didn't read much today.  Good music (recording) over radio FFZ, French Station, tonight.  Chopin and Liszt.

WR Lynch WW II Diary re Japanese Take-Over in Shanghai China. Days 37 and 38

Will Lynch goes out and notices how much Shanghai is changing.   Roselyn

January 13, 1942.  Tuesday.   37th Day.
     Sunny and warmer.  Did not get out.   Hope to tomorrow.   No news.   Beat Mr. Landon at Rummy--much to his chagrin.
     Some talk of repatriation, via Lourenco, Marquez, Portuguese, East Africa.  That means a 3/4 month boat trip.  Probably several months in the future.

January 14, 1942.  Wednesday.   38th Day.
     Got up at 10:00 a.m.  Shaved and had a bath.  Had 3 days whiskers.
     11:45 a. m.   Got a pass.  Hinke says to stay off Nanking Road, as there has been an 'incident".
     1:30--5:20.  Walked about town.   Japs have Navy Y.M.C.A.  Got barbed wire and a guard at entrance.
     Called on Capt. Tornroth.  Capt. Tornroth had a heart attack this morning and almost passed out.
     Japanese supervisors have been placed in all American and British firms and Banks.
     This old town certainly has slowed down to the tempo of "hoss and buggy days".  Very few motor cars and no gas.  Many walk.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

WR Lynch WW II Diary re Japanese Take-Over in Shanghai China. Day 36

In this diary entry, Will Lynch notes that fuel and food are scarce and buses have stopped running in Shanghai.    Roselyn

January 12, 1942.  Monday.   36th Day.
     Sunny and crisp.  
     Beat Groves plenty at cribbage.  In p.m., played bridge with Miss Naylor, Messrs. Sawyer and Calder.  Won, but don't care too much for bridge.
     Dr. Hrben called, ostensibly to locate a certain Bill Slocum, an alleged American Chinese, to try to contact a medical job with country with any American Mission.
     My inside room is uncomfortably chilly, but so are the others' rooms.  Food here has become very ordinary, but food is becoming a problem.
     Fuel is getting scarce.  Buses have stopped.  Japanese Army seems to continue winning.

Friday, October 14, 2011

WR Lynch WW II Diary re Japanese Take-Over in Shanghai China. Day 35

Will Lynch thinks of his Mother, who was my Grandmother, Caroline Dunmire Lynch.  I remember attending her funeral.  The casket was in the living room of her home in Miller, Kansas, where we went  for lunch before the funeral, which was held in the small Methodist Church.   It seemed right that she was there, as she was always hosting us when we went for holidays and most Sunday afternoons.  Of course, there was not enough time for Will to come from Shanghai to attend the funeral.  I remember the family saying later, that since she had died in January, 1941, before Will was captured in December, 1941, she did not have to worry about him.   Roselyn

Caroline Lynch Family
Back Row-left to right: (Sons)--Will Lynch, Carl Lynch, Floyd Lynch, Frank Lynch and (son-in-law) Vic Skonberg.
Front Row-left to right:  Myrtle,  (Carl's wife),  Hazel Lynch Skonberg ( daughter) , Caroline Lynch,(Mother)
 Mae, ( Floyd's wife) and Inez, ( Frank's wife).  Father, James Lynch, had died in 1923.
Picture taken in late 1930's in Kansas.
Click on picture to enlarge.

January 11, 1942.  Sunday.  35th Day.
     Dreary Day.  A.M. called.  I won Rummy 2-1.
     Mother died one year ago today at 11 p.m.  It is now 8:50 p.m.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

WR Lynch WW II Diary re Japanese Take-Over in Shanghai China. Day 34

Will Lynch received a pass and went out for the afternoon.   Roselyn

January 10, 1942.  Saturday.  34th Day.
     A bit cloudy.  Had breakfast at 10:00 a.m.  Getting lazy--or lazier.
     "Shore leave"  1:00--6:00--p.m.  Bought 2 pairs long drawers as insurance, size 40, for Chinese $32.00  (about US $2.00)  Saw "Andy Hardy's Private Secretary at Roxy, at Ch. $3.40, about US $0.20.  Excellent.  Chinese chow at Sun Ya.  Ate too much.
     Rainy, chilly and sloppy tonight.  Got my Ch. $60.00 for electrical fittings left at Apt. 712 Hamilton House.
     British, American and Dutch banks are to be liquidated by Japanese.  I have a US $7.34 credit in N.C.B.
     Cribbage.  Tanned both Groves and Hinke tonight.  Skunked Groves.
     Heard KGEI, San Francisco, on G's radio. Seems British in North Africa and Russians in Russia are doing their stuff.


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

WR Lynch WW II Diary re Japanese Take-Over in Shanghai China. Day 33

Will Lynch learns they will move again.   He keeps track of all his losses and wins of games he plays.  He never did lose gracefully!  But he enjoyed it even when he lost.  Roselyn

January 9, 1942.  Friday.  33rd Day.
     Sunny and warmer, but still a bit chilly.  
     Our hopped up news shows Japanese are still going strong.  
     Got up at 8:30 a.m.  At 11:50 a.m., Mr. Brookhart in 318 was still in bed.  Some sleep till almost noon.  How can they do it?
     Seems the British are still not moved.  Park Hotel move apparently definitely off.  Some talk now maybe sent to Cathay Mansions.
     Chan, my boy, got me 2 lbs of China oranges for Chinese $6.00.
     Hope to get a pass for tomorrow..
     Rumor hath it we are to move next Tuesday, January 13th, to Cathay Mansions, some 2-3 miles from here.  It's a better place, but my radio will not work on that 110 current.  Maybe I can get a transformer--or sell my radio.  I'll miss it.
     Got revenge on Mr. Groves 3-1.  One was a "skunk".  This removes the "blot from my escutcheon" he put on Jan. 6.  Collins won Casino, 3-5.


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

WR Lynch WW II Diary re Japanese Take-Over in Shanghai China. Days 31 and 32.

In this diary entry, Will Lynch wears warmer clothes and learns Japanese Army is moving into their hotel.   Roselyn

January 7, 1942.  Wednesday.  31st Day in Bondage
     Chilly----sunny.  In p.m. played Russian Bank with J. Alexander, Jr.  I'm just learning.
     Put on, for first time, new worsted flannel suit.  Think I'll get me 2 pairs long "undies" as "insurance"---just in case!
     Lost crib games 3-0 to Mr. Groves.  One time was a "skunk".  (Meaning he got 0).  My card luck is definitely in its nadir phase.
     Chan, my boy, (servant) got me 2 pounds of China oranges for Chinese $6.00.  In years gone by, I have bought them for $0.10 a pound.

January 8, 1942.  Thursday.  32nd Day of Captivity
     Sunny and chilly.  Slept well.  Am told the British co-captives are being moved to the Cathay Hotel.  Don't know to where.  Wonder if we are to move?  
     Still eating in the basement grill of Metropole Hotel.
     Ground, first, 2nd and 4th floors are being readied for Japanese Army (Gendarmery) occupancy.  We are on 3rd floor, sandwiched in between them.  We wonder what is in store for us.
     Beat JBS at Rummy.  He's improving.
     Consul Shirakura says he will get me $60.00 tomorrow for my electric fittings left in my Apt. 712.

Monday, October 10, 2011

WR Lynch WW II Diary re Japanese Take-Over in Shanghai China. Days 29 and 30.

Fourth week after capture.  Group wonders how long it will be until repatriation.   Roselyn

January 5, 1942.  Monday.  29th Day
     Four weeks ago this morning the shottin' started.  Today is sunny but chilly.  Not too much heat from radiator now.
     Wow!  Have been "on the throne" three times today!  Maybe it's the lettuce I ate last night.
     8:30 p.m.  SN insists I move from 309, outside room  to 312, a larger inside room.  Seems a queer idea.  312 is occupied by Consul Weil and Navy Lt. Kilmartin and they vow moving isn't their idea.  They have lots of gear and will be crowded.  Someone is telling a "white one'.

January 6, 1932.  Tuesday.  30th Day of "Jail Life".
     Drizzly weather.  Moved from 309 to 312.  I prefer 309 but 312 can do.
     Radio works ok. Rather dreary today.  Lost cribbage 3-1 tonight to M.M. Groves, Commercial Attache, a co-prisoner.
     We all wonder what Washington and Tokyo are doing about repatriation.  Some here claim we won't get away for 8 months.  Whew!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

WR Lynch WW II Diary Day 28

Will lynch writes that Shanghai is badly wounded and Corregidor is being pounded by Japanese.

January 4, 1042.  Sunday.  28th Day 
    Nice day but I lost in a draw.  JBS and I used the alphabet to decide who gets choice of room. I encircled "I" and hit it.  He encircled "N" and I would hit it.  He chose small outside room 315.  I'll just stay on in 309, unless Consul Weil and Le Kilmartin of 312 squawk.  
     Possibility we may all yet go to Park Hotel or to ???.  God knows where.  That'll then settle room matters.
     Played Rummy with AM. X and won 2-3.  Last one went 14 hands.
     Radio says Corregidor got 5 hours "pounding" by Japanese today.  Looks like independence has come to Philippine Islands.
     Shanghai is badly wounded.   JBS moved this afternoon and I have a room all alone--unless the two in 312 squawk.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

WR Lynch WW II Diary Days 26 and 27

Will wonders if there will be enough fuel for the winter.

January 2, 1942.  Friday.  26th Day of Captivity
     Cold?  Coldest so far.  Fuel?  Played much Rummy in p.m. with Dr. A. Murphy.
     5:30 p.m.  Walked much on 7th floor verandah with JBS and Major Williams.  He "thawed" a bit and we talked quite some.
     6:30 p.m.  Radio just finished  "7 Beers with the Wrong Woman".  Still cold.  Hope coal holds out.
     Loaned six books to M.B. and H.L.  Hope to get 'em back some day---mebbe?
     Moving?  Seems Germans in Park Hotel filed an official protest and so that move is out---for the nonce.  Hope we stay at this Metropole, as none of us wants Civic Center, several miles out.

January 3, 1942.  Saturday.  27th Day
     Still cold, but moderating a bit.   (?)  says JBS and I can move to separate single rooms.  I don't want to move but JBS seems to prefer a room alone.  So do I, but prefer to stay in this 309.       315 is small, but as it is an outside room I'd prefer it.  312 is inside but large.

Friday, October 7, 2011

WR Lynch WW II Diary Day 25

Will Lynch begins 1942, still in captivity, having a meal at his favorite eating place.  He learns that the hotel where they are supposed to move is "full of Nazis" who don't want them there.  Roselyn

January 1, 1942.  Thursday.  25th Day
     Happy New Year.  Sunny and crisp.  Went "ashore'.  Good chow at Jimmy's Wintergarden at 2:00 p.m.  Visited Consul General Lockhart at Country Hospital.  Must pack, as dope has it we move tomorrow to Park Hotel.
     8:30 p.m.---Flash!  Are to remain indefinitely at this Metropole Hotel, reports J.B. Sawyer, my stablemate!  Why?  Dunno, but I suspect our jailers unable to find space at Park Hotel as it is full of Nazis.  I don't want to move, anyway.  I could finish packing in 1/2 hour.  Moving is a nuisance.  JBS and I played 3 hard fought Rummy games.  He won last one.  Cold tonight.

WR Lynch WW II Diary Day 24

Will Lynch has complications on trying to close out his checking account in the Chinese Bank.

December 31, 1941.  Wednesday.   24th Day of Captivity.
     Still at Metropole.  Have applied to Consul Stanton for a pass tomorrow January 1st, a.m., to be fed by Jimmy James, as per usual.
     Checks.  No. B-858500 on National Chinese Bank for Chinese $9.10 favor of phone company, crossed.  I had $9.71 in NCB and this $9.10 left.0.61 for which I wrote a check to clear it out.  But, as Phone Co. could not cash the 9.10 (checks to 2nd parties, "no can") I wrote a 9.71,  paid them cash.  Now I still have 7.34 but NCB "no can pay me."
     12:30 p.m.  Finally hooked up my ground and aerial to radiator and brass on window.  Reception improved.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

WR Lynch WW II Diary Day 23

December 30, 1941.  Tuesday.   23rd Day
     Cold, cloudy.  Will move to Room 415 Park hotel tomorrow.  Some talk next move will be to Civic Center, a few miles into the country.  Hope not.
     4:45 p.m. news.   Consul Hinke just told me we won't move to Park Hotel until January 2, 1942.  Suits me, as I hope to get a pass for January 1, to go to New Year's dinner at Jimmy's Wintergarden.  I'll pack later.  Intended packing today. 
     Seems our captors had not arranged with Park Hotel Manager, who claims he has but "3 vacant rooms" and there are about 20 of us "diplomats".
     Sent typewriter 9A9.84)  4030401-11  to Miss Byrd, 0-3 Hamilton  House.  

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

WR Lynch WW II Diary Days 21 and 22

Many rumors as Will Lynch waits to hear news.

December 28, 1941.  Sunday.   21st Day
     Clear, colder.  Nothing much to report.  JBS out on a pass most of the day.  A.M. called in p.m.  We played Rummy.  Roast suckling pig at noon, but it was a failure, as it was not cooked enough.

December 29, 1941.  Monday.   22nd Day
     Clear and cold.  Radio doing o.k.  Walked about an hour on the veranda of 7th floor with little Hinke, a Yogi cartoon of a chap.
     1:00 p.m.  News.  Judge Helmick and L. Shields, District Attorney, are being released.  Rumor hath it, the rest of us are to be moved to Park Hotel, 4th floor, soon.  Why?  I dunno, but it is a better location.  Near race course.  We may get to exercise thereon.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

WR Lynch WW II Diary Days 18, 19 and 20.

Will Lynch spends Christmas day packing, then goes out for dinner.  Roselyn

December 25, 1941.  Tuesday.  (error--should have been Thursday) 18th Day.
     Christmas.  Worked in a.m., packing.  Good dinner at Jimmy's Wintergarden.  I supplied the champagne.

December 26, 1941. Friday. 
     Packing finished.  Will move effects tomorrow to Consulate for storage, to rooms 404--405--406.
     A.M. and did today.  Error, I fear.

December 27, 1941.  Saturday.  20th Day.
     Rainy, snowing tonight.  Lousy weather.  Finished moving.  Furniture is in room 404, and boxes, rug and mattresses in lobby of 405 at Consulate.
     Hong Kong apparently fell, due to water supply being knocked out.
     Brought over radio and glory be!  It works on some stations.  But German station, no can, but will by attaching aerial and ground wires to radiator and brass on window.  German station has best music.

Monday, October 3, 2011

WR Lynch WW II Diary Days 15, 16 and 17

Will Lynch learns he will lose his apartment to the Japanese.  Rummy is a card game he loved to play--and win.  A note--his Mother, Caroline Dunmire Lynch, had died January, 1941, so did not know about his days in "captivity" later that year.  The family was relieved about that, as she had always worried about his being so far from home.   Roselyn

December 22, 1941.  Monday.  15th Day.
     Japanese tell me "Very sorry, but want apartment Jan. 1st".  So guess I'll have to prepare.  I want the office carpenter to call so I can fix some boxes.   
     Motor cars to end today except a chosen few, such as Japanese, Medicos and a few other favored few.

December 23, 1941.  Tuesday. 16th Day.
     Whew!  What a day.  Packing.  What a job.  Destroying paper.  Sold liquors.  Lucky. 1537 (?). Am also selling some tinned goods.  Will know how much will get tomorrow.  Hope to store my furniture with Sh. St. Co., but won't know until Dec. 26th or so as they are "sealed".  Hate to give up my flat 712 as it had a south east exposure.

December 24, 1941.  Wednesday.  17th Day of Captivity.
     It's the day afore Christmas.  Packed some more today.  Terrible job.  Hope to continue tomorrow.  Hope to bring over my old radio.  Japanese radio says they are doing well in P.I. (Philippine Islands--where Will had taught years ago).
     Hope to get most of my gear out of my flat by Sunday.
     Sold my electric fittings to Japanese for Chinese $60.00---if they pay.
     Finished one game of Rummy with Mr. Sawyer.  I won, 205-365.  Hope to get good Christmas dinner tomorrow at Jimmy's, as per usual.  I'm contributing 4 Champagnes--Chinese $400.00!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

WR Lynch American Consular Service in Shanghai

American Consular Service in Shanghai, China  1922
WR Lynch is in back row, third from right.
No identify of the others.
Click on picture to enlarge.

Above is a picture of the people in the American Consular Service in Shanghai, China in 1922, taken in Shanghai. 

     We will take a break from Will Lynch's "detention" to show where he worked with the Diplomatic Corps in Shanghai.
     I don't know how many were there twenty years later when some of this group were taken hostage on December 7, 1941.  The Japanese captured Shanghai the same day they bombed Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.   America joined World War II against the Axis--mainly Germany and Japan.  
     I love the hats and dresses the women are wearing.  The women may have been wives.  Will was a bachelor.  
     The family story was that he had been engaged to a young woman, but when he went to the Philippine Islands to teach in 1912, she did not want to go to the other side of the world,  so they never married.  Her mother did not want her to go there, and who could blame her?  It was very "foreign" and very far away.  I guess he wanted to have adventure more than he wanted to marry!
     All of the people were Americans and probably had a close relationship, as there were not many Americans in China at that time.     
     Will lynch would have been 37 years old when this picture was taken and 56 years old when he was taken diplomatic hostage in 1941.