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My Lynch ancestors from Ireland came to America in 1848. The group included my Grandfather James Lynch and his five siblings, ages 10 to 18, who sailed without their parents to New York City. Soon they were living in a tenement house in Massachusetts working in a textile mill. From there they gradually migrated west. This blog will contain information gathered by my mother, Hazel Lynch Skonberg from her father, giving details of the trip over and life in America. There is also a diary written by his son, Will Lynch, who was with the American Consular Service of the State Department, and was taken hostage on Dec. 8, 1941, by the Japanese Army who had captured Shanghai that day. I hope you enjoy this blog about the James Lynch family in America.
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Monday, January 9, 2012

WR Lynch WW II Diary Days 131, 132 and 133

Will Lynch hears that US bombers from Australia hit Corregidor.  He says hot water is non existent now.  He continues to win at games.  Except for the boredom, I wonder why anyone plays with him!  I remember him as being a boastful winner and very poor loser!  Roselyn

April 17, 1942.  Friday.  131st Day.
     Still cold, but sunny.  Beat JBS 2-0 at rummy.
     Notice was circulated to observe the 10:00 - 4:00 "free" hour in future, as Japanese Consul notified their Gendarmes complained of slackness thereon.  So what!
     Rumor, via short wave, hath it U.S.A. bombers raided from Australia as far as Corregidor and took off some 20 odd officials.  More power to 'em.

April 18, 1942.  Saturday.  132nd Day. 
     Still chilly, but sunny.  
     Had a pass.  Saw movie, "Romeo and Juliet" for second time.  Excellent.  Returned SALOME to M. Byrd
     Ship chandler wants Ch $115.00 for one small and one large duffel bag.
     Noon hot water at hotel is fini!  Coal is scarce and said to be Chinese $1500.00 a ton? and very little arriving.
     Seems Japanese ships are being sunk, and our evacuation a bit problematical.  Well, selah!
     Notice today advised we are to sail May 25, 1942.  But I doubt.  

April 19, 1942.  Sunday.  133rd Day.     
     Cool and a bit wet.
     Had tiffin with A.M. at Winter garden.  Chinese $5.00 each and fare was not very good, but chow now is hard to get.
     Calder at supper announced Tokyo, Yokohama and Kobe had been bombed by U.S.  Wonder if it is true.  Whew!
     No pass today.  Probably due to my applying yesterday after 4:00 p.m.

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