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My Lynch ancestors from Ireland came to America in 1848. The group included my Grandfather James Lynch and his five siblings, ages 10 to 18, who sailed without their parents to New York City. Soon they were living in a tenement house in Massachusetts working in a textile mill. From there they gradually migrated west. This blog will contain information gathered by my mother, Hazel Lynch Skonberg from her father, giving details of the trip over and life in America. There is also a diary written by his son, Will Lynch, who was with the American Consular Service of the State Department, and was taken hostage on Dec. 8, 1941, by the Japanese Army who had captured Shanghai that day. I hope you enjoy this blog about the James Lynch family in America.
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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

WR Lynch WW II Diary re Japanese Take-Over in Shanghai China. Days 85 and 86

Will Lynch sees part of down town Shanghai, China, cut off due to a bombing.  Roselyn

March 2, 1942.  Monday.  85th Day.     
Customs House Today--Picture by Greg Davis
Will Lynch  heard the clock chime from
his apartment  on Dec 7, 1941
  Wet, cold, lousy.
     Radios and papers report Japanese winning in Java, but claims too fantastic and exaggerated  for full belief.
     Lost 2-1 and 2-0 in rummy to Brookhart and J.B.S.
     Am finishing third volume of "George Washington" by Rupert Hughes.  Excellent work.
     No repatriation news.

March 3, 1942.  Tuesday.  86th Day. 

     Sunny and warmer.
     Went, with several others, to the Consulate and got several things.
     Saw a section downtown wired off, due to "bomb outrages".  Seems this is the Japanese method of punishing a section for not catching the perpetrator.  Japanese guards with guns at the ready stood by.  No entrance or exit was permitted.  Shopkeepers could do no business.
     War news continues no good.  We wonder how much is fact of our radio and paper news.

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